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    © Jérôme Courenq

    Break Out

    A Unique Photo Shoot With Deep Umbrellas

    Jérôme Courenq, a French photographer, offers us a series of unconventional portraits.

    This project was photographed outdoor with a simple deep umbrella and an ELB 400 unit. The final results evokes powerful emotions.

    © Jérôme Courenq

    Why Portraits?

    The human, the light, the cinema and music are my pillars. I was drawn towards the portrait and the staging for these four reasons.

    The portrait is one of the only ways to represent the human being as he truly is. Our faces tell the story of what we have experienced, in them, we find our strengths and our weaknesses.

    © Jérôme Courenq

    Why such a incredible model?

    The choice to take on such an unconventional model was made very naturally. The story of Abde is incredible and his overwhelming past convinced me. Through his experience and his illness, Abde has built an unusual persona. A fighter, proud and ambitious, he refuses pity and uses his difference as an asset in his artistic career.

    "Each individual is the author of his own story, it is deeply etched into Abde's skin."

    © Jérôme Courenq

    What are you looking for?

    What I am looking for in a portrait are those moments when truth is captured. That is why I did not want to direct him during this session.

    It would have been too easy to play on his atypical physique by asking him to pose or pull faces, but I wanted to see Abde Mazianne in front of me as naturally as possible.


    What gear?

    The idea of this shoot was to unite two worlds and to complete two totally different sessions in a short time and in the same place.

    These umbrellas are fantastic tools for their ease of use, lightness and versatility.

    "These umbrellas are fantastic tools for their ease of use, lightness and versatility."

    The results

    The first series of portraits, on a black background, was taken with the deep umbrella with a white diffusor in the main light, above the model.

    I tend, in general, to place my sources as close as possible to my subject, so as to obtain a beautiful soft light.

    We added a translucent diffuser in order to obtain a softer light still. The deep models provide a powerful and more focused light with superior contrast. As a result, the light remains easily controllable and shapable.

    © Jérôme Courenq

    The second series on a white background, was taken with the deep white umbrella behind the model as background. Here it creates a backlight. A second transparent white deep umbrella was positioned in front, very close to the model and at 45 degrees.

    This setup produces soft, contrasting light.

    © Jérôme Courenq

    For the outdoor session, the choice of the umbrella proved to be a real advantage, as I wanted a setup that would be simple, light and easy to use.

    We used the same deep umbrella with a white interior, but we removed the transparent diffuser in order to achieve a stronger effect.

    The umbrella being light, we were able to follow the model very easily.

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    Jérôme's To Go Set

    • Umbrella Deep White 125 cm (49”)

      Umbrella Deep White 125 cm (49”)N° 26357

      Elinchrom deep umbrellas are manufactured using 16 fiberglass rods to maintain a perfect circular shape.

      By simply adjusting the position, the deep shape offers control of the light spread.

      The White umbrella is often chosen for its slightly warmer tones and softer shadow transition.

      54 cm deep.

    • Translucent Diffuser for Deep 125 cm (49”)

      Translucent Diffuser for Deep 125 cm (49”) N° 26762

      The Translucent Diffuser can be used with the Umbrella Deep 125 cm silver, white and translucent.

      The optional translucent diffuser delivers the lighting effect of a direct or indirect softbox depending on which umbrella is used.

      The umbrella is not included and must be ordered separately.

    • Umbrella Deep Translucent 125 cm (49”)

      Umbrella Deep Translucent 125 cm (49”) N° 26355

      The Translucent umbrella offers a choice between shoot-through and reflected use.

      The difference between the two can easily be seen in the catch-light of any reflective surface.

      It provides a wider spread of light evenly filling a broad area.

      The 16 fiberglass rods maintain a perfect circular shape.

      54 cm deep.

    • ELB 400 PRO TO GO

      ELB 400 PRO TO GON° 10419.1

      This set includes the new Transmitter Plus which offers simplicity, durability and reliability with the range now extended up to 200 m (656').

      Choose Quadra Pro head sets when more power is needed on location.

      The new ProTec Location bag safely carries the ELB 400 and accessories, and it can be can customized and reconfigured to fit the equipment.

      These heads can also be used in conjunction with Hi-Sync* enabled triggers. Please note that the Hi-Sync performance varies strongly on the camera used.

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